Sunday, February 2, 2014

10 Very Funny Valentines Day Images

Valentines Day is on the way and if your other half throws the half eaten box of chocolates back in your face along with the flowers you picked up in the graveyard bring them here to see how is could be soooo much worse (Neat long sentence there my English teacher would have loved made soooo much longer by this in-bracket text, he would also love the use of the word soooo three times).

Top Ten Valentines Images

I did buy you flowers love but I will keep them for your grave !

If All Else Fails There Is Always Drink.

Think She Is Happy The Arrow Of Love Missed.

Finally A Cute One But No More.
Dwight Schrute always known for his romantic side.

Yes it is too cheesy.

Will Ferrell being honest as always.

Happy Valentines Day Love I even shaved my back for you.

Now that's a Valentines gift to melt any Womans heart.

Ehh Dogs are color blind right ?

Are you Man (or Woman) enough to post any of these on your other halfs Facebook Page ? Let us know in the comments Below.

Credits : FunMuch, The Chive, Smash Materials.

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